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 If you are thinking that wall air conditioners lack in cooling capacity, then you are wrong. This is because wall air conditioners can cool a room as much a room air conditioner does. In fact, wall air conditioners are comparatively lesser priced than the central air conditioners. Wall air conditioners have the capacity to cool a room as big as 1000 square feet. Sometimes if there are properly placed portable fans and the house has proper insulation, wall air conditioners can even cool a small house. Wall air conditioners have cooling capacity up to 18,000 BTU/hour. As far as the functionality of wall air conditioner is concerned it is almost similar to that of the window air conditioners.

 There are two fans in a wall air conditioner that blow air over hot and cold Freon filled pipes. The hot coil condenses the Freon into a liquid and the liquid then passes through an expansion valve and evaporates and cold Freon gas is created. This cold gas absorbs the heat from the outside the air and passes it into the room thereby the lowering the room temperature and making it more comfortable. During this process the excessive moisture from the air also gets removed thus adding to the comfort index of the room.

There are certain benefits associated with wall air conditioners. First of all, as you install wall air conditioners your window does not get blocked and you can easily open the window when the air conditioner is not functioning. Secondly, wall air conditioners stay in proper place throughout the year so it is enough if you spend once in its installation. Last but not the least, as the wall ACs remain fixed in a wall there is no need for you to store the AC in some place of your home when it is not in use.

 It must be noted here even though the functionality of window AC and wall AC are similar, they are not interchangeable with another for more than one reason. The major difference between these two ACs lies in the installation and venting part. For example, wall ACs vent warm air only from the back while a window AC vents warm air both from the sides as well as the back.

However, there are certain things that you need to consider while buying a wall air conditioner. They are the following.

 The size of the hole: If you have planned to replace an existing wall AC with a new one you need to measure the dimension of the hole and buy a model which has equipment that fits into the existing hole. Or else you might have to modify the existing the hole.

You need to consider the cooling capacity of the unit before you make the purchase. The unit should be such that it is apt for the area which you want to cool. A larger or a smaller unit will prove expensive for you in the years to come.

To get maximum energy efficiency you need to carry out weather stripping by sealing the gap between the unit and the all.

When purchasing a wall air conditioner try to get something to protect your outside unit when the AC is not used.



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