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Blog Title: split vs window air conditioner
Split or Window AC?
Category: Ductless Air System Post By: ROGER TORRES (Groton, TX), 12/16/2014

The challenge after deciding the tonnage is to choose between a window and a split AC. Buying a window AC is more convenient in case you change homes frequently. Power consumption by both, split and window ACs is more or less the same, but since installation and re-installation charges of a split AC are higher, most buyers prefer a window AC. The benefit of a split AC is the flexibility of installation. It doesn’t require a special vent or a window to be fixed. A split AC is more aesthetically pleasing and also makes lesser noise than a window AC. In case you’re looking for variety, split ACs will provide more choices. For more powerful ACs, like a 2 ton AC, split air conditioners are usually a more convenient choice compared to a window air conditioner.

- SUSAN GARCIA (Waggoner, CA), 12/31/2014
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