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iSpring F19K75 6-stage Alkaline RO 2-year Supply for iSpring RCC7AK, RCC7P-AK




ITEM#: 18864165

Keep your water clean with this reverse osmosis filter set. This six-stage filter set gets rid of dust, particles, rust, chlorine, cloudiness, colors, tastes, and odors from water and adds back healthy minerals to water, making it safe for use. This two-year replacement filter set produces 75 gallons of water every day, ensuring a constant supply of clean water.
  • Reverse osmosis filtration provides clean and safe water
  • 75-gallon-per-day output ensures constant supply of clean water
  • Replaced every two years
  • Made of plastic for durability
  • Compliant with NFS/ANSI standards for safety and efficiency
  • 2 year, 19 piece replacement water filter pack for 6-Stage Alkaline RO systems.
  • Each filter is individually wrapped to preserve freshness.
  • Fits standard size 6 stage RO systems, including most brand name models.
  • Fits Models: RCC7AK, RCC7P-AK, Most other 6-stage RO systems
  • Length: 9 3/4 inches
  • O.D. = 2 7/8 inches
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Includes:
  • Four (4) 5 Micron Sediment Filters (1st Stage): Removes dirt, rust, sand, and other particles.
  • Four (4) 5 Micron Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Filters (2nd Stage): Absorbs chlorine, halite, organic contaminants, odors, and other impurities that contribute to bad tastes and odors.
  • Four (4) 5 Micron CTO Carbon Block Filters (3rd Stage): Further removes any remaining chlorine, tastes, and odors.
  • One (1) High Rejection .0001 Micron TFC Reverse Osmosis Membrane (4th Stage): The heart of the RO system. Produces drinking water at a rate of 75 gallons per day. Replace about every 2-3 years. Tested by independent third-party to meet NSF/ANSI Standard.
  • Two (2) Post Carbon Inline Filter (5th Stage): Polishes the water from the tank before it is delivered to your faucet.
  • Four (4) Alkaline pH Filters (6th Stage): Adds 0.5 - 0.8 PH back to the water, also adds back healthy minerals such as ionized calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium, which were removed during the RO process.
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