How Air Ducts Affect Energy Efficiency?

When someone tells you that air ducts have an impact on the energy efficiency of a home you must be wondering at the first instance, but it is true. This is because what the circulatory system is to our body same is air ducts to our homes. Basically air ducts are pathways through which the heated and the cooled air enter our home. The saddest part of air ducts is they are hidden between walls and ceilings, and the result is homeowners often forget about them and also neglect the fact that they have an important role to play in the energy efficiency of air ducts.

Energy efficiency is impacted by two main ways namely air leakage through small cracks that develops in the duct system and by conduction of heat through the duct walls. Besides there are several other ways through which air ducts might have an impact on the conditioned air that is entering the home. It needs to be noted here that the duct design also has a major impact on the home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

Air leakage is the commonest problem faced by air ducts. It has been noticed that homeowners invest in costly HVAC systems but they are not able to enjoy that level of comfort mainly due to leaks which have developed in the duct system. Basically duct loses energy when air leaks in or out of them. The cause of air leakage is either holes that have developed in the ducts or poorly connected duct joints. In fact, it is seen that when the ducts are sealed, the operation of HVAC system can cause more loss of energy because there is difference of pressure in various zones. Thus, proper action needs to be taken in order to seal the ducts. The aerosol duct technology is considered one of the most effective methods of sealing ducts.

Another way through which duct loses energy is conduction. This happens when the duct walls are heated or cooled which in turn heats or cools the air outside the ducts. This way the heated or the cooled conditioned air escapes out of the house and the result is HVAC units have to work harder in order to bring about the desired level of comfort within the home. This causes the units to become less energy efficient.

Now let us have a look at how duct design has an impact on the energy efficiency of homes. First of all the location of the duct work is important. For instance, duct work should always be located in conditioned spaces of the home. Secondly, the material that is chosen for duct work should be proper. The traditional choice is sheet metal. However, other materials could also be used like fiberglass flex ducts.

Lastly, proper sealing of duct work is imminent and once that is done, the right kind of tests ought to be performed to check for leakages. However, only experienced HVAC contractors can take care of your duct work rightly and so it is important that you make a careful choice of your HVAC contractor when it comes to work related to your duct work.



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