Free Standing Air Conditioner

 From the name itself it is clear that free standing air conditioner are such units which are not installed permanently. They can be moved from one room to the other and they can effectively cool the air just like any other regular air conditioners. There are several reasons as to why many people prefer free standing or portable air conditioners to other forms of air conditioner. A portable air conditioner is a self-contained unit and they generally stand on the floor. They also come with an easy installation kit so that they can be set up with ease. Most of these units come attached with wheels so you can easily move them from one room to the other.

 Free standing or portable air conditioner seems a good deal when there is not enough money to buy a window or a wall AC or there is not enough time to carry out the installation process. At the same time such units are also very helpful in places where the temperature is not so hot throughout the year and gets hot only during certain times of the year. These units could be a cheap way to cool such places.

The situations where a free standing AC is of great use are the following:

In a restaurant or a community hall which gets suddenly crowded, in such instances a free standing AC can be of great relief.

 Areas of the house like the attic and basement can benefit greatly from free standing ACs. In fact, all such places where the air circulation is not that good, a free standing or a portable AC can be highly useful. They help in the drying of the air.

At the same time, rooms which do not have windows can benefit largely from free standing air conditioners as they help in the drying of the air. To dry the air is necessary especially in rooms that uses electrical appliances.

 Last but not the least, if you stay in a very hot weather condition having a free standing AC as a backup is always a good idea because that will ensure you do not suffer the discomfort of heat.

There are certain things that you need to consider while buying free standing or a portable air conditioner. They are the following.

• Most of the portable units come with wheels. However, there are some older models that still needs to be carried from one room to the other. So, it is a better idea while you buy the unit whether it has wheels or not.

 • Also keep in mind the noise. These units have a tendency to make higher noise. So choose a unit that makes minimum noise.

• Most importantly, check the cooling quotient of the unit. Only such a unit needs to be bought which seems adequate for your cooling requirement.

• Last but not the least, it is always a good idea to purchase a free standing air conditioner keeping in mind your particular room requirement.



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