Different Kinds Of Furnace Filters

All of you must be aware of the fact that filters are an integral part of every HVAC unit. Hence, regularly changing the filters of your HVAC units ensures them a longer life. In fact, replacement and cleaning of filters can be done with ease without any professional help. However, there are different kinds of filters which are installed in the HVAC units. Depending on the kind of the filter that has been installed one will have to determine whether the filter has to be replaced or mere cleaning of the filter is enough. Here it needs to be mentioned that, just like any other HVAC units, furnaces also have different kinds of filters.

Let us now have a look at the different furnace filters that are used.

Fiberglass filters are considered the most inexpensive furnace filters that are available to the homeowners. The flat panel construction of fiberglass is able to protect the HVAC components but they are not able to improve the indoor air quality. As these filters have a thin design it is very easy for dust and debris to build up on them and so it is important that these filters are changed at regular intervals. In fact, the MERV rating for these filters are also low. It is between 1 and 4.

The second option is the pleated filter. Even these filters are disposable. The pleated filters are made of polyester and cotton paper and they can hold back smaller particles like spores and mites. Even these filters are not much costly and they need a timely replacement. The MERV rating of pleated filters is 6.

Washable filters are another kind that is used in furnaces as well as in other HVAC units. These filters require high maintenance because if not washed at the right time it can lead to clogging. Moreover, after washing the filter it can only installed only after it is dry or else mould will develop.

When it comes to electrostatic filters, there are two kinds. One is the permanent electrostatic and the other is the disposable electrostatic. An electrostatic filter uses self-charging cotton or paper fibers to attract small particles. The best thing about these filters is that they can attract very small particles. The permanent electrostatic filters have a reusable and machine washable filter that can be used for six to eight years at a stretch. The electrostatic filters are more effective than the pleated filters and also costlier than the pleated ones. The MERV rating of permanent electrostatic filters are as high as 8.

On the other hand the disposable electrostatic filters also work in the same principle as does the permanent electrostatic ones. These filters need to be replaced on a yearly basis. These filters are available in different sizes and are costlier. They have a MERV rating of 10.

Lastly, there is the high efficiency pleated filters which can screen even the smallest particle. These filters are mostly installed in hospitals and are suitable for people with allergies and respiratory problems.

It can be concluded saying that while buying furnace filters one should keep in mind its features, the price and individual requirements.




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