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Blog Title: Where is the best location for my heat pump?
Where is the best location for my heat pump?
Category: Ductless Air System Post By: GLENN WHEELER (Bellerose Village, TX), 06/01/2014

"Every house is different, so the best way to find out where to locate your heat pump is to have a qualified contractor visit your home. For outdoor units, the primary consideration is clean airflow through the unit. This means under deck options aren’t always the best. You should try to place outdoor units on the ground and away from bedrooms, so the small amount of noise they do make is not transferred to the house. For the placement of a ductless unit in a room, you’ll need to consider how the air flows through the room in order to evenly distribute the heat."

- KENT HARMON (Tarrytown, NC), 06/01/2014
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