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Blog Title: Choosing Perfect Air Conditioners Size
What Are the criterias to Choosing Perfect Air conditioners
Category: Home Air Conditioning Units Post By: BETTY T LACURE (Los Angeles, CA), 02/24/2016

The most important criteria to bear in mind at the time of purchasing an air conditioner are: the types of air conditioners, whether fixed or mobile, one or several units and whether it is also capable of heating by using a heat pump, cooling power, expressed in BTU/h or Watt. You may also consider: energy savings that it may provide, noise levels, dehumidification capacity, the presence of additional functions such as: a timer for programming, "sleep" to avoid temperatures dropping too low at the night, air filtering systems, etc. Finally, you must also take into account installation costs for fixed air conditioners and periodic maintenance operations.

- HECTOR B (San Antonio, TX), 03/30/2016
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